Are You Talking In Your Sleep? – What Can You Do About It?

Sleep talking is something which is fairly common in general population. You must know at least one person who talks while sleeping. It is generally harmless; however, you might feel disturbed yourself or even worse that you can disturb your partner while talking in your sleep. That is why it is good to know a few facts about sleep talking and how can you reduce the frequency of sleep talking.

What is sleep talking?

You might blurt out a few words in your sleep if you have been exhausted during the day. It can also occur if you have been sleep deprived for a few days.  However, if you have been regularly told about the chitchat you do during your sleep, then you might be a sleep talker. It is scientifically termed as Somniloquy. Some people have reported sleep talkers speaking some X-rated things which can also be vulgar or offensive.


Sleep talking is essentially unconscious, and that is the reason it can represent itself in different ways. You will be surprised to see how many forms it could take. It ranges from listening to a few nonsensical words to full sentences.

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