Why Am I Still Tired After Sleeping

You have just enjoyed eight hours sleep of what you believe to be, and yet you are struggling to get out of bed or still feel tired after a long night rest. Sleep is supposed to energize you and feel you refresh come in the morning, and again you still have to face the daily battle of leaving out your bed.

Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how much sleep do you get when its quality is lagging “quality over quantity.” So even though you may come rest in long hours, you still wake up exhausted.

Who doesn’t want a good night sleep? Of course, you do! No debate for that. But sometimes we question, why we feel tired after sleeping?

The problem is:

You sleep for eight hours and even wake up tired and feeling groggy. Throughout a normal sleep cycle, your body alternates between deep and light sleep that should leave you awake and alert. Nonetheless, if you still feel drowsy after a long night sleep, chances are something is happening to prevent your body and brain entering those deep, restorative of rest.

You are still tired

Here are some of the reasons why you may feel drowsy during the daytime:

Factors such as stress, alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption or lack of sleep can cause you to be tired or sleepy at any time of the day.

This is because some people can only relax in the daytime and not be able to sleep during the night.

Know that being tired is completely normal, but if you are feeling unwell, consult your doctor to check if you should see a specialist in case you feel a general feeling of tiredness.

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