Insomnia, Grief, Chronic Pain, Lethargy

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What complaint or symptoms brought you for a Bowen treatment?

Interrupted/broken sleep in 2½ year old boy.

What did your symptoms prevent you from doing?

Sleeping well.

Have you been able to resume doing them partially / fully since having Bowen treatment?


Testimonial of my Bowen Therapy experience. (How have you benefited from your Bowen treatment?)

My son now sleeps more soundly with less wake ups than previously, particularly straight after a treatment. He has had some nights of sleeping all night which was previously unheard of.

Client: CH
Therapist: Linda Moore
Ref: 01490-02-15

My son is now sleeping through the night without waking after only 2 sessions. I would recommend this treatment of anyone suffering similar problems.

Client: KC
Therapist: Cheryl Cunningham
Ref: 01133-06-11

When months of aches and pains and lack of sleep had quite worn me out, I decided to see if the Bowen Technique could help me, since sleeping pills and painkillers weren’t working.

In the first session, Jo worked on my leg which had been so painful; I’d been limping for 10 weeks. The doctor said it was probably a trapped nerve. I limped in and skipped out! In 5 sessions Jo worked on the various painful areas – feet, hands, hips, shoulder and my jaw, which Jo felt was probably the cause of the facial pain that had troubled me frequently for many years.

Each week I felt better – not just a reduction to pain but sleeping more soundly and waking feeling more energised. Now, I’ve resumed swimming twice a week, I go to over 50’s aerobics and look after my large garden with renewed pleasure, as well as once again, being able to knit and crochet without pain in my hands.

I heartily recommend the Bowen Technique to anyone who wants to remember how it feels to wake up refreshed; looking forward to the new day knowing you can deal with whatever it may bring.

I am now feeling much better, fitter and younger than pre-treatment. Thank you for revitalising me!

Client: DM
Therapist: Jo Wortley
Ref: 00413, Feb 2011