All you need to Know About Sleep Paralysis and How Long Does Sleep Paralysis Last?

The answer to “How long does sleep paralysis last?” is complex and research on it is ongoing. Here is all you need to know about it.

Sleep paralysis is the inability to move during either sleeping or awakening when you are aware of it but can’t do anything about it. Before getting to the real question of “how long does sleep paralysis last,” there are a few other things which should be known.

What is sleep paralysis?

The feeling when the person is conscious, between stages of sleeping and awakening, but unable to speak or move is called sleep paralysis. When the person experiencing sleep paralysis is either going to sleep or just waking up, he or she may experience this feeling for a few seconds to a few minutes. Some of the people experiencing sleep paralysis also experience a choking feeling or pressure.

Myths about Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis is older than we think it is. You can hear many myths and stories relating to it; most common are:

  • Evil Spirits like Succubus or Incubus
  • Alien visit
  • Demons

Fortunately, there is scientific data and more data to prove that these stories are just that – tales. The individual in most of these nightmares may have been once a person that has been selected and fostered for a given gift.

Folklore dictates that sleep paralysis happens at night time. Women and men of all ages, regardless of cultural background, tend to experience it

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